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Our Mission

Amid a life filled with conflicting thoughts, and unsettling emotions, we are all seeking a moment of peace. However, it is only by opening up, and sharing our thoughts with like-minded people can we truly find peace. 

Ava is a peer community support network where users can express their feelings in a safe space. 

We also provide you with Resources and tips to navigate a better life along with meditation guides, Articles and Podcasts. 

Our goal is to build a one stop solution for mental wellbeing focusing on meaningful & real conversations, personal interactions and human vulnerability. Our solution utilises digital media to deliver results that are measurable, impactful and improve access to better mental wellbeing. Our vision is to battle social stigma and lack of awareness surrounding mental health. 

We intend to introduce plenty of features in the future and prove how AI could help a diverse population with mental wellbeing.


Our Vision

“We direct towards making the internet a much kinder and healthier place where people truly feel safe to express themselves”

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